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Why is Tree Removal Important?

Jul 8

Tree removal is commonly done for a variety of reasons.

Trees are a lovely and beneficial part of our environment. Many homeowners value their trees and do everything possible to keep them healthy. SmartLiving is also committed to providing preventative and corrective tree care. Nonetheless, despite the best efforts, there are times when trees must be removed. This blog will go over some of the most common reasons for tree removal.


Trees that have died

Every homeowner or property manager despises it when a tree dies. The unfortunate reality is that trees do die from time to time. When a tree dies, there is nothing left to do but cut it down. A dead tree's strength will deteriorate over time, necessitating its removal. As the tree ages, it loses its ability to withstand storms and additional weight. Snow, ice, storms, and strong winds can break branches or bring a dead tree down. A dead tree or even a branch falling from the sky can cause extensive damage to nearby houses, cars, and even people. Dead trees are a significant potential liability that should be removed as soon as possible.


Trees that are afflicted

Disease is a major cause of tree death. It's possible that you won't realize a tree is infected until irreversible damage has already occurred. The emerald ash borer has been wreaking havoc in central Indiana in recent years. This pest has killed a lot of ash trees. If you have a diseased tree, you should have it evaluated as soon as possible so that it can be treated before it becomes too late. When a tree is beyond repair, it is often best to remove it right away. Not only will this prevent the tree from weakening as it ages, but it will also help to prevent the disease from spreading to other trees. SmartLiving can examine your tree for signs of disease and make recommendations.


Trees that have been damaged

Unfortunately, even healthy trees are sometimes subjected to unavoidable damage. Trees can be damaged by severe weather (both thunderstorms and winter storms). Lightning, in particular, can be dangerous in a flash. Trees are frequently killed by lightning strikes. However, it may take years for the extent of the damage to become apparent. Animals or accidental contact with a vehicle or other solid object are other potential sources of harm. You'll need to assess the situation once more to see if the tree can be saved. SmartLiving can assist you in making an informed decision about your tree damage.

Trees that are encroaching

Because trees are alive and growing, their effects on their surroundings can shift. A tree may have a good location when it is planted. Trees, on the other hand, grow and new structures are built around them. The roots of nearby trees can wreak havoc on a home's or building's foundation. Furthermore, growing branches may obstruct power lines or other utilities. Trees may grow to obscure a favorite view, which is less of a concern. Trees that cause these issues are frequently removed.


Unpleasant Trees

Not every tree is equally adored. Some healthy trees are a pain to deal with. It's possible that they'll spit out vexing seeds or fruit. Some trees have naturally weak wood that is more likely to break. Sometimes it's just a matter of having a personal aversion to a certain type of tree. In other cases, you may simply want to use the space previously occupied by a tree for another purpose. The removal of an annoyance tree is entirely voluntary. You can do it when it's convenient for you, or you can decide it's not worth the trouble and leave it alone.


Some tree removal situations necessitate immediate action (like an uprooted tree resting on your roof). Other situations are less pressing and allow for a wait-and-see attitude. Whatever your reason for needing (or wanting) to remove a tree, you can count on SmartLiving to get the job done. We have state-of-the-art equipment and a wealth of experience. No tree removal job is too big or too complicated for us. Tree removal, on the other hand, can be extremely difficult and dangerous for someone who lacks the necessary equipment or technical knowledge. It's best to leave it to the professionals at SmartLiving. We even provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (888) 758-9103 today to schedule your Professional Tree Trimming Service and avoid a future emergency.