What Are the Types Of Landscaping Options?


A house with such beautiful scenery has ever caught your eye? Yes.

It’s amazing what well-designed landscapes, created with meticulous attention to detail, can do for you. It is amazing what an aesthetic appeal can do for you!

This post is about landscaping. We will talk about all types of landscaping to beautify your commercial or private property.


What is Landscaping, exactly?


Landscaping is the improvement of the visual features of an area. This includes ornamental plants and flora.

There are many landscaping types you can choose from to beautify the space.

How to Choose a Landscape Type


Weather Conditions

You must consider the climate surrounding the land where you plan to live. How is it humidified? Is it dry?

Landscaping — The purpose

Before starting any landscaping project, it is important that you understand its intended purpose. Is it for children or not? Do you have pets in your home?

These questions should be answered before you make a decision on a design.

— Requirement for Maintenance Time

Be realistic about how long it will take to maintain your yard. Do you have the time and energy to maintain your yard or would Lawnworx be more helpful?

Reflection and a reflection of your personal style

Be sure to select a style which reflects your personal taste and personality.


Different types and styles of Landscaping


When it comes to landscaping, you have many options.

You can create your own designs or a professional landscaper like Lawnworx will help you to make recommendations based off what would be most effective in your particular area.

— English Garden Style

The landscaping in this style is designed to complement the architecture of the home. Beautiful perennials and shrubs are combined with decorative elements. It requires a lot more water than it is worth.

Oriental Landscape

With plants, water and rocks, you can create new angles and perspectives. You can use evergreen plants like topiary, junipers, and other topiary. It is difficult to maintain and requires water features like fountains.

Woodland Landscape

This is an excellent choice for someone with limited time and no desire to spend on maintenance. This style mimics natural growth patterns of fauna and plants in wooded areas.

Formal Landscape

This style makes use of a lot of straight lines and geometric patterns to replace the random patterns found in other styles. There is a lot to be done in pruning. This style also requires extensive care and maintenance.

Informal Landscape

This design features curved edges as well as random plant placements. It is ideal for homes with pets or children. It is easier to maintain and preferred by most homeowners.

— Cottage Garden

This style is often referred to as “old-style”, but its beauty and elegance are exceptional. This look can be created with roses (lilacs), hydrangeas, and magnolia trees. Sweet bay, rosemary and blueberries are all good options to enhance the look. It is very high maintenance and needs lots of water.

It is essential to have a beautiful home, both inside and out. This will ensure that you truly love your space and enjoy the time you spend there.

Lawnworx can provide all kinds of landscaping services to commercial and residential clients in and around Georgetown.

Our team is highly skilled at making the right recommendations, designing and planting your new environment, and providing tailor-made solutions.


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