Tree Service Company Rooted In Giving Back

Ben Martin and his crew from R & B Turf and Tree did an additional cleanup at the Heritage Village in Edmond.

The neighborhood is part of Turning Point Ministries, a nonprofit that provides affordable housing to the people of Edmond.

“We were really concerned and prayed about how to pay for this cleanup, and Ben just came out of nowhere and offered us this service, so we’re extremely grateful,” said Michelle Gregory, Executive Director of Turning Point.

Turning Point estimates Ben’s company is cleaning up $ 30,000 worth of tree damage, and Ben said he wasn’t stopping there.

“We’re just going to keep giving back,” said Martin, the co-owner of R&B Turf and Tree. “We’re going to try to do one day a week for the next few months, and really just try and.” clean up Oklahoma. ”

Ben started the company with his wife Robin, but spent years barking the wrong tree before climbing to where it is now.

He is a recovered drug and alcohol addict and started R&B after a year of sobriety.

“Part of my ministry, giving back and staying sober, is giving back to others. Many of my co-workers come from family or straight out of prison or rehab,” said Martin.

Because, as Ben Martin knows, it’s never a bad time to turn a new page.

“Really just a second chance. I think everyone deserves a second break, ”he said.

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