Tree service company responds to On Your Side Investigation

We have an update for an On Your Side investigation.

You might remember

We told you about neighbors outside of Rogersville who say they got ripped off at the same time by the same tree care company.

In mid-April, they paid Joseph Jones over $ 10,000 along with Joseph’s Tree Service, and the work is not done yet.

Jones claims it was all a big misunderstanding. He says he usually documents jobs, but not this time.

“When I was over there, I had nothing on me at that point because I was working across the street. I had no papers or anything on me,” he said.

At every property, homeowners say he did not pick up any limbs, left a mess and never returned their calls. He says he was instructed to leave wood in a house for camping. These homeowners say he should do a lot more than that.

Jones says he doesn’t know there is a problem until On Your Side calls him.

“If I got a call from them I would have been in the middle of something. I was up to something and forgot. Yes, I should have cleaned it up and I didn’t do it at first, but I apologize for it,” he said .

His business cards said Licensed and Insured, but As On Your Side found out, he isn’t.

“I was just about to do this and something happened to the COVID-19. I tried to contact them and they said I couldn’t do this until it all opened up again,” he said.

On Your Side sent an email to city officials. They say the office is full and they process and issue licenses on a daily basis.

Jones is also not certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. His business card says that he is a certified arborist.

“What happened was that I paid them to be done. They were done with it. I didn’t do that there,” he said.

Jones says he took, but failed to complete, related courses at MSU. People at the Home Builders Association say you shouldn’t hire someone to do tree work without the right credentials.

“A printing company won’t put anything on a business card that you don’t want to be on. If they’re a certified arborist, they’ll usually give you their ISA number on the card. They’re very proud you worked hard to make this happen” said Charlyce Ruth of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield.

Request proof of insurance. Just because it says on the business card doesn’t mean it.

“There are so many things that could go wrong. That chainsaw could jump. A branch or tree could fall in the wrong direction. Getting hurt is really easy. If they don’t have that insurance to cover you Homeowners, protect, you will be the one to be held responsible.

You may recall that homeowners wrote checks to his father, Calvin Jones, not Joseph’s tree service. HBA says don’t do that.

“By paying an individual, the company can say they were never paid,” she said.

Jones says he wants to get it right with these customers and will quit the jobs if they contact him.

“Only two people know the truth about what happened and that is me and the customer. I feel that me and the customer are both wrong here,” he said.

The Attorney General confirms On Your Side that they are dealing with this situation.

This is not the first time we’ve covered a tree service owned by a “Jones”.

Since our story aired this week, we have received a number of complaints relating Joseph to the same tree services. He denies having worked with any of these companies but says these are his relatives.

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