Tree removal along Highway 84 part of Niles Canyon Road safety project | News

According to a Caltrans spokesperson, Caltrans will be performing tree removal along Highway 84 as part of the Niles Canyon Road safety project by spring 2021.

The tree removal is also required to allow construction of the replacement project for the Alameda Creek Bridge on Highway 84 from spring 2021. Highway 84 is also known as Niles Canyon Road between Mission Boulevard in Fremont and Pleasanton-Sunol Road in Sunol. From there and east to Interstate 680, the freeway is known as the Paloma Way.

The work will take place between Mission Boulevard and Interstate 680.

A lane may be temporarily blocked during work. In this case, signs and flags are placed to direct traffic. Drivers can expect a delay of up to 15 minutes while removing the tree.

When completed, the new bridge over Alameda Creek will replace the existing bridge that was built in 1929.

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