Texas tree service worker accused of assaulting black man, using racial slur

“Just trying to get to my wife’s home is a challenge every day,” said DeVonta Brown, who experienced a strained racial exchange. A man is accused of attacking Brown.

MCKINNEY, Texas – DeVonta Brown didn’t think that an easy trip to have a cup of coffee before work would end on his onslaught.

He was driving through a McDonald’s in McKinney on Monday when the driver of a truck drove the wrong way and cut him off.

Brown walked up to the truck with his cell phone and recorded the exchange. The man inside could be heard saying the N word several times.

“You could see it in his eyes. You could see the hatred in his eyes,” Brown said.

This driver, identified as Christopher Taylor, was later arrested for assault, according to the McKinney Police Department.

Taylor is accused of beating Brown in the head and spitting on him, Brown said.

The video of the interaction has been shared thousands of times on social media.

Brown said what he experienced was nothing new to him. But he said it was the most obvious act of racism he had experienced.

“Just trying to get to my wife’s home is a challenge every day. [Enough] is enough, “said Brown.

The WFAA made several attempts to reach Taylor via the Chris Taylor Tree Service by phone and text message but received no response.

Brown said he was glad he had his phone to record the exchange and that he stayed calm the entire time. He wants to move on from this moment, but still make people aware that such profound racist exchanges are still taking place.

Editor’s Note: WFAA is pending confirmation that Christopher Taylor owns Chris Taylor Tree Service.

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