Rodney Smith, Jr. embarking on ninth lawn mowing tour of all 50 states

This is one of News 19’s favorite people.

There is no grass growing under Rodney Smith Jr.’s feet, figuratively or literally.

He is the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care and has been featured on national news programs and talk shows. He recently teamed up with Lay’s Potato Chips to show off his signature smile on bags of chips.

On Friday, Smith began his ninth 50 State Mowing Tour.

This is for veterans as well as for families of Gold Star recipients, prisoners of war, missing persons and members of the military on duty or on duty.

The journey starts in the morning! My 9th, 50th state mowing tour. This one is for Veterans, Goldstar Families, Prisoners of War / MIA, and families of those on active duty and on duty! See you in the AM!

– Rodney Smith Jr. (@iamrodneysmith) September 18, 2020

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