RMK’s Christmas tree service to open on Tuesday | News

According to RMK, the Estonians harvested 9,727 spruce trees from state forests before Christmas. The busiest times to bring your own Christmas tree home are just before the holidays, which also ended on weekends last year.

The most popular trees were 1-2 m spruce, which made up more than half of all trees bought last year.

Bringing a tree home is made available to mobile devices through the RMK app, which makes it easy to identify the location of the state forest, review instructions, and pay for the tree. For specific instructions, a map of the state forest, and other vital information, please visit the address above.

A Christmas tree can only be taken from a place where it has no chance of growing to maturity – on the edge of roads and ditches, under overhead lines and in the undergrowth of old forests. According to the RMK, spruce should under no circumstances be cut from a stand in a reforestation area where it has been planted by humans.

Before going into the forest, the RMK recommends checking the map of the state forest on the RMK homepage or mobile app and finding out where the state forest is. It is forbidden to remove trees from private land or protected areas. App users can rest assured that they are in the state forest, where there are no conservation restrictions and where spruce can be cut.

You can pay for the spruce via internet transfer, mobile payment or bank transfer. The tree must be paid for before it is felled. The price of the tree depends on its height – a spruce up to one meter high costs 3 €, a spruce 1-2 meters high costs 8 € and a spruce 2-3 meters costs 13 €.

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