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Poplars have to go

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The Okanagan-Similkameen Regional Unit (RDOS) has concluded that eight Lombardy poplars need to be felled at the southern end of the Kaleden Pioneer Park.

While the longtime trees have been an integral part of Kaleden Beach Park for many decades, there have been signs of their decline.

The canopy death and broken limbs have gone too far, and while the pruning has been carried out to mitigate potential risks to the public, remedial measures put in place to support the trees will no longer be feasible.

According to RDOS findings, these trees are best removed when working with certified arborists.

As a result, the regional district will begin a step-by-step tree removal and replacement program, with three of the poplars being removed in 2021 and pruning on the remaining five trees in the coming week.

New trees will be planted in spring 2021 from the annual tree replacement program initiated by Kaleden Parks and Recreation. The remaining poplars will continue to be cared for and monitored in the years to come in order to preserve these shade trees for as long as possible.

The RDOS added that the remaining trees will have to be removed over the next two to four years, with planting improvement in Kaleden parks continuing during this time.

For more information or to make a donation to help cover the cost of replacement trees, contact RDOS Parks and Recreation Services at [email protected]

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