Light and Power crews working on tree trimming – The Fort Morgan Times

Fort Morgan City’s Light and Energy Department will cut trees near power lines across the city during the winter months, according to a city news release.

This pruning work has started and is expected to be completed in February.

It is important to cut trees around power lines to ensure public safety and the reliability of the electrical system. The city’s light and energy department is cutting trees in public rights of way near all major high-voltage lines that power the poles near homes or businesses.

To comply with the National Electric Safety Code, public utilities must cut down or remove trees that grow near power lines and threaten to disrupt operations. By properly and regularly felling trees, the danger and inconvenience of failure is avoided.

Residents should be aware that they should never attempt to cut trees near power lines themselves. Only qualified line clearers are allowed to work within a 10-foot radius of power lines.

Call Light and Power Superintendent Doug Linton at 970-542-3912 to check the branches in and around power lines in your home or business.

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