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How to Landscape Around a Deck to Create a Backyard

Oct 11

How to Landscape Around a Deck to Create a Backyard


A backyard deck is a great place for relaxing and entertaining. Don't forget to put flowers in your garden! It can make your outdoor space more enjoyable by landscaping Frankfort Ky. Think about how much friends spend there on sunny days or at dinner parties. You will need to remove all existing turf. If possible, we recommend hiring professionals. This will make it easier for you to install stone stairs/slabs. Next, decide which type of landscape plants would best complement both styles. Continue reading for more information about which type of landscape plants will suit your style best.


Selection of Plants


Once you have a clear idea of what you want to plant around the deck, all other details will follow. Begin by selecting a few smaller shrubs or trees that will be the right size for the location in relation to the view. You can then choose smaller perennials or ornamental grasses to grow alongside your first choices. It's best to take it slow, as more than one type of plant is not recommended unless they are meant to provide shade and relief during the summer heat. Choose plants that can withstand winter temperatures below 0°F (-18°C).


Define Your Boundaries


Once you have selected the plants that will grace your deck, it is time for you to begin arranging them in a rough layout. This gives us an idea of the space needed and the location of our landscape border. We can then use garden hosing temporarily to help us create something beautiful with some paint.


Layout Landscape Fabric


Landscape fabric can be used to cover the ground after you've finished landscaping around your deck. This will reduce weeding. Mulch is an organic fertilizer that acts like soil fertilizing, so you can rely on it more. You should place all this in a way that leaves no space between plants. Pins can be used to stabilize the mulch and hold it down against one another.


Final layout for plants


You are one step closer to creating your outdoor living space. Take a deep breathe and take in the stunning view. You are correct, I meant "new." This is because the pots are temporary. But don't be discouraged if these little plants turn into something bigger. Who doesn't love customizing? You should be aware of how much space is available between different types of vegetation to ensure that those with little room can still find refuge under plenty of trees.


Dig holes, Plant your Favourites


Once you are done with the layout, dig a hole for each of your plants. Fill in the holes with soil. This creates a stunning landscape design when all the plants are combined!