GreenPal, called the Uber of lawn mowing, expands to Paterson

A smartphone application that connects homeowners with local landscapers has been extended to Paterson.

With GreenPal from Nashville, the Uber of lawn mowing, homeowners can conveniently use the app to find pre-screened lawn care providers in their area.

“Having successfully launched in 200 other markets, we are excited to help Paterson homeowners find reliable, safe, local lawn care,” said Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal.

Homeowners list their lawns with service dates and needs. Then “certified” lawn care workers check the projects.

Lawn maintainers bid on projects after reviewing the homeowner’s provided details, viewing the property on Google Street View, and reviewing aerial photos of the lawn.

Homeowners can then hire the provider based on rating, ratings, and price.

After the lawn is complete, the lawn care provider will send the homeowner time-stamped photos of the work. The homeowner then pays through the app and sets future lawn care appointments.

Caballero said the app would be particularly useful in the coronavirus pandemic. He said the app eliminates face-to-face meetings between the landscaper and the homeowner and makes the transaction cashless.

Almost a third of GreenPal customers are over 60 years old. This makes the application the safest way for them to preserve their green spaces in the midst of the pandemic.

GreenPal was founded in 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. The company’s Android application has over 10,000 downloads and 411 reviews. It has a 4.4 star rating on Google Play.

Over 1 million homeowners have signed up and are using GreenPal. 20,000 landscapers have their business with the application.

GreenPal operates in 46 states and 200 major markets, according to Caballero.

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