Florida-based tree service helps Walford veteran affected by storm

WALFORD, Iowa (KWWL) – Even days after the August 10 dercho, there is still more damage and debris than can be picked up without assistance. A Walford veteran found help on Facebook.

Troy Krehmer is a two-time Purple Heart recipient for serving in the Army. Krehmer entered shortly before September 11th and was immediately sent to Iraq.

His wife Amanda said with an insurance claim on her home from a previous storm that left hail damage on the roof. She said it was absolutely shocking to turn the corner and see her huge ash tree on the roof.

“Troy was at work, I was at work, I lost touch with the kids who were here. I pull down the block and see the tree. My dogs are in the house. We have two year old German Shepherds I knew my kids were safe, but my dogs were in there. I stopped in the middle of the street crying, “she said.

Justin Hartman runs a tree service in Jacksonvillle, Florida but travels the country cleaning up. He was recently in Michigan after a dam broke. He also uses his services to thank the men and women who risk their lives for the country.

“We usually do a program called ‘Treework for Heroes’ where we do free tree work for veterans who can’t afford it,” Hartman said.

Amanda Krehmer said they would only get $ 1,000 from the insurance company to remove the tree. It would cost her several thousand more, she said, to have the tree removed from her house.

With the help of the neighbors and the Derecho Recovery Facebook page, the Krahmers were connected to Hartman. Soon the massive tree came from her house.

“Justin checked up on Facebook this morning, tagged Troy, and said, ‘Hey, I’ll call for help and I’ll be there for lunch.’ Most of the people here are my friends and family. They have been here the whole time and that’s amazing, “said Krahmer.

Before that, the Krahmers had the question: What’s next? They found their answer on Saturday lunchtime.

“Fortunately, a blessing showed up in Walford, Iowa today,” she said.

Walford Township pulled itself together after the storm and cleaned up much of the rubble. Before the power was restored on Saturday, a member of the community pulled a generator to one of the well pumps so people could fill water jugs or bathtubs to have water for the next day.

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