Eco-conscious man Paul Wilson addresses issue of tree removal along Kendal’s Aynam Road

An environmentally conscious man has taken the controversial issue of tree removal into his own hands for Kendal’s approaching flood protection program.

Tree lover Paul Wilson is taking hundreds of cuttings along Aynam Road before vegetation is removed during the £ 72 million work set to begin next year.

He urges the public to get involved, with instructional videos, to take cuttings freely available online.

“Every spring, I have enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossom on Aynam Road,” said Wilson, a management training consultant.

“Like many others, I was devastated when I learned that spring 2021 may be the last time we can all enjoy them in our lives as they have to be cut down to make way for the flood protection wall I thought it would be a good idea to save as many native species as possible so that future generations can have as much fun as we do. ”

UMWELTMANN: Paul Wilson along Aynam Road

Mr. Wilson has enlisted the help of several local schools as well as the Manna House and Growing Well charities to grow the replacement trees.

He’s been in contact with the Environmental Protection Agency, South Lakeland District Council and Woodland Trust, all of whom he says have welcomed it [the project] with open arms’.

Mr. Wilson said, “It is obviously going to be a very sad day for the chainsaws to start, but at least we can say that we have done something instead of maintaining a sense of despair and helplessness as so many people feel.

“I come from the world of leadership development and we have a saying, ‘In the absence of leadership, the leader steps forward’ and I was utterly dismayed that no one else had thought of a way to save the trees.”

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