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Does your tree need to be removed?

Sep 29

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a tree needs to be removed or if properly trimming it can help it. If your noticing a large number of leaves falling from a healthy-looking tree, and it's not fall time, is one sign of a change in the trees health. It’s important to look beyond the leaves as well when you’re concerned about the health of a tree.

It's possible if the leaves are falling that your tree has an infection or disease. If that's the case, it's important to have an arborist come out and look at the tree. Why? Left unchecked, the afflicted tree might spread infection or disease to other trees. Having a professional tree service company with an arborist examine and note any damage or changes of the tree will help determine what is going on with your tree and if the tree is in poor health.

Another issue for a tree removal we see often is if the tree is growing too close to the home. It may be able to be trimmed so it isn’t so close, in this case the tree won’t need to be removed. If, however, the tree is starting to damage the home because of how close it is, perhaps the roots are breaking the foundation, removal is necessary. If there are branches that are falling on the roof this could pose a safety risk for your home and anyone near the tree, at that point the better option may be to have the tree removed. If the tree is not hazardous and is not dying, trimming it is always the better option. Most tree service companies will know whether the tree needs to be removed or if trimming it can keep it in good shape and healthy.

Are you worried about a tree in your yard? If it needs to be trimmed or if you think it might need to be removed. Most tree service companies have years of experience in tree trimming and removal, and they can help with determining the care for the tree as well as getting the job done if it needs to be removed.

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