Does my tree need to be trimmed or removed? Asking these questions will help give you an answer.

Is the tree a hazard?
If the tree is deemed to be hazardous by an arborist and trimming will not resolve the issue, more than likely it will have to be removed. For example, if the tree is making contact with the home or another structure on a property, is it branch’s touching or is the trunk itself making contact? If only a branch or two need to be removed, in order to remove the hazard, trimming is the best option, as long as it can be done safely and will not affect the health of the tree. If the tree is starting to break the foundation of the home, than it will have to be removed to not cause futher damage.
Is the tree dying or is diseased?
If the tree is dying or its health is quickly declining, an arborist will be helpful to determine what the cause is before deciding on removal. If the tree has a disease, you’ll want to find that out as soon as possible so it doesn’t spread to other plants and trees.

Is the tree in the way?
If the tree is in the way, a removal may be in order. For example, if it is too close to a structure and starting to give you costly repairs, it may be necessary to remove. Further, if the tree has suffered storm damage and is past the point of repair or if it is too large and is preventing grass or other plants from growing, removal may be necessary. However, if the tree is not causing any major issues and is simply overgrown, a trimming may be the best route.
Does the tree add value to your property?
If a tree is a bit of a hassle but is an integral part of your landscape aesthetic, trimming is the right choice. It is often underestimated how much of an impact regular trimming can have on the health and beauty of a tree. Oftentimes, trees become a nuisance only because they have become unhealthy and need attention. However, if the tree does not add any value and is negatively impacting your landscape, removal should be considered. 

Keep this in mind if you decide on tree removal

Keep in mind, tree removal can be exceptionally dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Many people die every year in the United States attempting to cut down trees without the proper training or certification. Also, depending on where you live or what type of trees you are trying to cut down, it might be against the law without the proper permits in place. For larger tree removal or trimming, you will need specialty equipment and safety gear to do it properly. For this and many other reasons, it is foolish to try to do it on your own and you should always hire a trained professional to do the job for you!

Your trees need ongoing tree trimming in order to protect them against diseases or just dying altogether. When they are pruned and removed on a regular basis, your house will be safer during storms or high wind. Regular tree trimming is good for the trees and depending on the neighborhood which you live in, might be enforced by community HOA by laws and covenants. So, it is best to work with a local tree company to make sure you are covered on all fronts, with the HOA, city, county, or even your state when it come to a tree removal or trimming should you decide necessary.

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