Bronx Center tree trimming prevails even with COVID-19 restrictions – Bronx Times

The Bronx Center residents felled their trees last week.

Courtesy of the Bronx Center

The Bronx Center residents felled their trees last week, but with no outsiders. Just as the Rockefeller Center lights their tree every December, so do the people at the Bronx Center.

Every year, the tour invites residents and families to decorate the tree in the recreation hut. However, with COVID-19 restrictions, each day room in the building received its own Christmas tree and decorated it.

Residents had cookies and cocoa all over the property as the decoration prevailed.

“We didn’t want to let this virus hit us, especially during the holidays,” said Diane Garofola, leisure director. “We hope the families come back next year, but the residents definitely had a great time.”

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