Ask SAM: Tree trimming in the Polo Road area looks terrible | Local News

“We work closely with Asplundh when they are working on city trees and monitor their work to ensure that they are pruning properly and only removing what is necessary to achieve their goals. In circumstances that require excessive vegetation removal, we ask them to do so. ” Completely remove the tree to get rid of future problems and the unsightly and unhealthy part that often remains.

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“With respect to this stretch of Polo Road, I’ve noticed some improper pruning on the trees and some instances where the trees should have been removed entirely. However, on the other side of the equation, those trees should never have been removed under or planted near the overhead lines.

“We all want electricity and we all need trees, and yes – we can enjoy both at the same time. If we speak for the city, we can look better in the long term and plant the right tree for the space provided, paying special attention to any mistakes Done? Yes, and we have to live with the results – trees that are too close to the overhead lines and either need constant maintenance or removal. Could Asplundh improve their pruning methods? I think they but like the city they learn and they improve too . Things are getting better and I can only hope that through targeted efforts, they will continue to do so – on both sides. “

Jimmy Flythe: “In order to provide reliable service and minimize power outages, it is important that we tend trees and other plants along the lines that provide power to our customers. While the trees that thrive in the Carolinas are a source of tremendous pride.” they are also a major cause of power outages.

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