Action Tree Service Kelowna Becomes The Only Tree Service Authorized To Hoist An Arborist With A Crane – Press Release

Lifting an arborist into a tree with a crane is a very challenging job, but Action Tree, a leading Kelowna Tree Service, becomes the first and only authorized for the job in Canada.

To lead Tree maintenance in Kelowna is the only company in Canada authorized to use a crane to lift its arborist into a tree. Lifting an arborist with a crane into a tall tree can be dangerous and often requires both an experienced arborist and an equally skilled crane operator. This is one reason Canada does not allow this type of pruning or pruning of trees. However, it turns out that lifting with a crane is a lot safer and more efficient to get the job done, and Action Tree proves it!

To protect themselves, arborists must strap in a harness in preparation for an often challenging climb to the top of a tall tree. Not only is it very time consuming, but many things can go wrong. However, depending on how experienced he is, the arborist is solely responsible for his own safety. That said, it’s not without the dangers involved. Therefore that Kelowna Tree Service The company has long advocated that lifting an arborist with a crane is a lot easier, faster, and, it turns out, safer. The company is the first and only company authorized to lift its arborists with a crane and they (Action Tree Services) are partnering with WorkSafe BC who are rewriting the necessary procedures to make the process safer.

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“We have a very large fleet of cranes that are highly skilled arborists who can work as a team to perform any size or type of pruning or pruning work. Each person on our team has over a decade of experience and our crane operators are some of the best in the business. So we are used to working in challenging environments and dealing with all kinds of situations. Canada recognizes that we have what it takes to safely lift an arborist to ensure that any tree can be pruned or felled as needed in the shortest possible time. “ Said a spokesman for Action Tree Services.

He added, “… We pride ourselves on being the first and only company authorized to lift our arborists with a crane, but we believe there are many more to come as we work closely with WorkSafe BC to do this enable.”

About the company:

Action Tree Services prides itself on being able to tackle every job and tree. As a locally owned and operated company, they have grown significantly with over 25 years of industry experience. Action Tree Services also owns the most advanced fleet of BC tree removal and pruning equipment.

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Address:852 Lawrence Ave.
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Status: BC V1Y 6L9
Country: Canada

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