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4 Essential Rules to Protect Young Trees

Oct 10

The most important time in a tree's life is the first few years after it has been planted. It is crucial to learn the right watering techniques for your tree to ensure its survival.

Learning how to trim, stake and wrap a newly planted tree is one of the best ways you can manage it. You'll be able to take better care of your tree once you have learned how to do this.

Here are some basic tips to help you manage your young tree.


Don't overdo it with young trees. Tree Service Bend OR experts recommend that you leave the tree alone for the first twelve month, except for when you are removing any broken or dead branches. When tree pruning, remember to split it into thirds. The roots make up the first third, while the trunks and foliage make up the remaining third. There is a high chance that the plant will not fully recover if it has too much foliage. Trees need to have foliage in order to produce food. Removing too much can cause stress to the tree. You will need to wait a few years to get rid of your lower limbs.


To block wind, most people plant trees on the northwest corner of their property. Even though it is at a slightly different angle, wind can still dehydrate the tree. Planting trees on the southeast corner of your property can result in the bark becoming damaged by the sun's heat. To protect your tree from being damaged, it is important to choose the right location for your tree. Poplar, for example, is more susceptible to sunscald than oaks, so make sure you choose the right place to help your tree thrive.


To prevent weeds taking over the base of your young tree, it would be a good idea to add at least three layers of mulch. You can't neglect to mulch your tree, as it will take away the nutrients and moisture. Mulching gives your tree an additional benefit. Protection from string trimmers that could damage barks


In every case, stakes are not necessary. Staking young trees can provide stability but they are not necessary unless they are very young. If your tree does require one, you can use a rubber collar made of old hose. This will protect the bark of the tree from the metal guide war. To prevent the wire from slipping, please do not place it above your crotch.

It is an unforgettable experience to see your seedling tree grow into a tree. You should do your best to ensure that it grows as fully as possible. It may take many years to see the full growth, but it can be a wonderful experience to watch it grow and feel connected to it.

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