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Tree Service Equipment

Oct 4


Tree service is a highly skilled trade. As such, professional arborists and tree service companies often use industry-specific equipment. Some tree services are not up to industry standards. You can gauge the professionalism of the tree company by looking at the equipment they use.

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Tree Service Tools


A tree service that shows up in a 30-year-old pick-up truck may indicate a poor or undesirable tree service. A professional tree service will have a chip truck that has a dump container on the back. The enclosed box at the back of the chip truck holds the wood chips that have been chipped by the wood chipper.

Wood chipper:

A wood chipper is a tool that tree service companies use to dispose of debris. The machine can chip all branches and leaves that are produced by tree care operations into wood mulch. You can often keep the wood chips that were made for your garden beds.


A chainsaw is required for any tree-cutting job, regardless of whether it's a professional or homeowner. There are two types of chainsaws available: professional and homeowner. Hire a professional tree service provider that has the most up-to-date equipment. Tree services such as tree felling should not be done with old, out-of-date chainsaws. Instead, look for companies that have modern equipment. The most popular professional-level chainsaws are Husqvarna and Stihl.

Felling Wedges:

The dangers of trees falling can be devastating for property and human safety. Professionals want to control where their trees land. The felling wedge is your best friend. These simple tools can help guide trees to the desired spot. These will be used in conjunction with a chainsaw so make sure to get plastic wedges.

Gear for Climbing:

The tree climber is responsible for the pruning and climbing of trees. Tree climbers can have a large list of equipment. It may vary depending on the climber's preference. Here is a list that will cover the equipment all professional tree service climbers will use.

1) Harness (also known by the "saddle" and "climbing harness"):

The heart of climbers' equipment is their harness. It is essential to climb any tree, no matter how you climb. It's the point of attachment to all climbers' other gear.

2) Work Positioning Lanyard :

The climber's lanyard, which is usually made from a steel core, is the rope that is attached to one end of the harness. It is used to keep the climber in the tree.

3) Spurs:

Climbing spurs (or gaffs) are basically metal spikes that attach to the climber's boots and allow them to stab the tree to aid in climbing up and maneuvering around it. Climbing spikes should not be used when tree removal is being done. The spurs can leave small holes in the trunk of the tree. Pruning arborists should use spur-less climbing methods.

4) Ropes:

Ropes can also be used to climb and descend into the canopy.

Hire A Certified Arborist

If you are looking to hire a tree service company, or a certified arborist, ensure that they have the right equipment to safely and effectively complete the job. The better if the service can give you a written list of all the equipment and tools they use. It is a good idea to request certification before you hire professionals. You might consider changing your mind if the company doesn't have the necessary credentials or the tools to do the job.