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The 5 Best Types of Lawn Mowers for Irregularly Shaped lawns and more!

Aug 12

So you need a mower, but how do you decide which one is suitable for your situation? Every mower has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation including rotary and scythed. However, how do you determine which type of mower is needed and in which location it can be used best?

Wright mowers for sale put together this guide to help you differentiate the different types of mowers and determine the best mower for the task in the moment.


What should I consider when choosing a lawnmower for my lawn?

A Rotary Mower


Rotary commercial lawn mowers are the most popular mower type and are ideal for trimming lawns and cutting "average" grass. The mower's blades are generally connected to a revolving disc. Blades can chop grass because the disc rotates at a rapid speed. The grass clippings of a rotary mower are often kept in a box or bag. The mower cuts medium or short grass. Rotor mowers can be utilized on various surfaces, including landscaped lawns and natural terrain.


Mower with Cylinder Heads


The cylinder mower uses an electric scissor to cut grass. The cylinder (or reel) wright mowers for on sale are an alternative for lawn mowing. The classic lawn mower has a cylinder that has 5-12 curving blades at the front. The circular blades at the bottom of the mower are used to suck the grass and hold it in position as the cylinder moves.


Mowers That Mulch


Mulching mowers can recycle the clippings they have recycled back to the grass.


Similar to the rotary lawnmowers, This mower is equipped with the same blade, which spins fast to cut grass into smaller pieces. A mulching mower breaks grass into smaller pieces and then circulates the mulch underneath the deck, creating fine mulch. This mulch is put back into the turf after the blades are removed. They don't collect as their primary goal is to send grass clippings to the lawn, where they'll degrade and serve as a valuable fertilizer.


Flail Blade Mowers


Flail mowers are ideal to tackle overgrown grass and bush. This mower's horizontal axle suspends free-swinging blades with a Y-shaped design (flails) from its horizontal axle. These blades are specifically designed to bounce off of obstacles, which makes them ideal for areas where the ground may be uneven or rough. Using the flails, which are driven at high speeds through the axle, they reduce and mulch vegetation.


A disc mower


This kind of mower is utilized to cut long grass and flowers and for haymaking. Based on the size of the disc, it will be a large disc with cutting blades that swing freely at the edge. The grass gets "rowed up" while the mower cuts, which makes collecting it a breeze. Cutting up tall grass quickly and leaving it neatly to be baled or removed is a great use for the machine. For tractors with two or four wheels, a pto-driven attachment in this type of Wright mowers for sale can be found. The height can't be adjusted and is typically fixed.


Crop Scythe


Cutting out tall plants is simple as cutting scythes with a bar.


A motorized scythe (also known as a sickle bar or Allen scythe) is great for cutting tall grasses and wildflowers. Triangular teeth on a horizontal bar in front of the blade fixed to the bottom of the machine move from side to side when it is performing a scissor movement. Because these mowers don't move over the top of the grass like conventional mowers, they may cut grass of any size. Since they do not crush seeds, these mowers can be used to manage wildflowers. Instead, they cut stems near the base to let seeds drop to the ground and then grow. Mowers like these are also suitable for haymaking as well as reed bed maintenance. Common features include an adjustable cutting height which is adjustable to accommodate a variety of terrains and species of plants and various cutting widths.



The circular mower is the most popular kind of mower. It's great for lawn use.


You can save money by using the less costly rotary mower without or with the rear roller. It's dependent on whether or not you include stripes. Cylindrical mowers offer a cleaner overall appearance and a more consistent look. They're therefore the most suitable choice if that's what you're seeking.




Flail-type mowers are able to get through the toughest grass.


For this use, an abrasive mower or scythe would be ideal. Flails are able to mulch and cut any type of material and leave the cutting material. Brambles, tall weeds, bracken, overgrown grass, and more may all be cut with these tools. The powered scythe can be capable of cutting grass that is up to 1 inch thick, regardless of its density or size. Due to the small amount of debris that it leaves behind, it is frequently necessary to clear the area afterward. Anything from brambles to bracken to saplings that are first-year old can be utilized in this manner.


The grass in the meadow


When you use a scythe cut tall grass, remember that it will be required to remove it in the future.


The disc mower, scythe, and flail are among the top mowers for cutting tall grass due to their versatility in cutting heights. When choosing a finished kind, it is crucial to consider this. The flail, in contrast to the scythes and disc mowers, cuts and mulches grass. If you're creating hay, a disc mower or scythe are the best options because you'll need to rake and cut grass.


With the right mower, you can easily trim your lawn with ease in no time. If you're unsure about which kind of mower to get, We suggest that you consult a trusted manufacturer. They'll be able to answer you what questions to ask and give recommendations for the best mowers. They can guide you on how to make the most of each mower to improve the overall quality of your lawn.


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