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What is the cheapest rock to use for landscaping?

Jul 30

Mulch or plants are the primary options to consider when you want to beautify your yard. Both of these options deserve enthusiastic support. It's also possible to conserve water while maintaining your landscaping by using gravel and stones. Friends, processed stone CT would like to provide some of our most-loved ideas to incorporate stone and gravel in hardscapes to add color, texture, and utility.

What is the most suitable rock to use for landscaping?

Two types of granite have been decomposed:

Sand and reddish brown decomposed granite give landscapes an earthy and rustic appearance. This low-cost option can benefit trees, garden trails, and xeriscape groundcover.

Pea Gravel is in second place.

Pea gravel, as the name suggests, is pea-sized. It can range from 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch in diameter. There are several colors available such as brown, tan and white. Peas' gravel can be used for numerous applications, including paver roads and filling the gaps between pavers. Mulch does not decompose; however, this material does not.


Granite Gravel Crushed

The gravel is larger than the decomposed Granite, giving your yard a natural appearance and being more affordable than other alternatives. This art piece provides an easy transition between your garden's paths and plants.


Rocks of Lava

The rock is composed of volcanic lava, and its vibrant colors make it an attractive addition to any landscape. Dried-out areas will benefit from its capacity to hold heat throughout the day and release it in the evening. Lava rock is easy to transport and distribute due to its lightweight.

River Rock

You can still enjoy stunning scenery even if it's not because you live close to the river. Pea gravel, on the contrary, is coarser in texture and is less in dimensions. Combining these crushed stone CT shades will result in beautiful garden borders or dry stream beds. They can be utilized to move water away from a property's foundation.



This fight will not be without weapons. Larger rocks, like flagstones, are suitable as steps, garden paths, and walkways to connect landscape features.

Brick chips

We're not trying to go against the grain. Even though this one isn't the most solid rock, many people choose to use it in hardscapes anyhow. Brick chips come in various colors, including reddish, brown, and brown. These chips are perfect for walkways and driveways.


Marble Chips

Please shift your countertops.

Marble does not have to be used in the kitchen. Regarding container gardens and landscaping design features, marble chips are a stylish and refined solution for covering the soil. Marble chips may be detrimental to plants that require high levels of acidity.

Stones and gravel can create many different landscaping options, from simple walks to stylish courtyards. Our experts in stone CT can help you choose the best stone for your design.

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