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Do ceiling vents need to be cleaned?

Jul 23

A dirty vent cover can make a space look unappealing. Even if your professional cleaning is complete, dirty cooling and heating vents can make a room appear "unfinished". Your hard work should not be overlooked. Offer your customers vent cover detailing cleaning. It is not as difficult as you might think. Here are the steps to clean cooling and heating vent covers.

Vent covers can be cleaned easily for commercial and residential cleaning customers.

Your company should at most sweep the vents with a duster for dust, debris, hair, and any other airborne particles. This is a good practice, and it will most likely suffice.


However, a feather duster will not work over time. It won't do the job.


The dust that forms around the vents can stick to the surfaces due to humid conditions. You will need to clean the cooling and heating vents in a different manner.


It's not only the heating and cooling fans, but also the exhaust fan covers as well as the return grates or grilles.


It is easy to clean these grilles and vent covers with just a quick sweep of a brush and a vacuum. It may be necessary to completely remove the vent for proper cleaning.


It all depends on how thorough want to clean. It is entirely up to you how deep you want to clean.


Every situation is unique so I would advise you to visit the customer's house or workplace before offering to clean the vents. First, make sure you are able to do the job. You'll also need to pay an additional fee.


Yes! It's not that you are giving your cleaning time. You are making extra cash. Isn't that the reason you have your own professional cleaning company?


You have many other reasons to clean out the grates and vents in your home or office.


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