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Apr 20

Your yard doesn't have to go bankrupt just because it is colder in mid Missouri. There are many preservation options that can keep your trees healthy and alive through winter. Tree care services Columbia mo is the best tree service in Columbia, Mo. These are five easy ways to take care of your winter trees!

Get your trees ready for winter in Columbia, Mo

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Trees experience a drop in metabolism, energy use, and overall growth when the temperature drops. It is best to prune your trees when they are dormant so that young trees can have a solid foundation from which to grow. Pruning is the process of trimming dead or damaged branches and creating scaffold branches around the tree. Don't be overwhelmed if this sounds overwhelming! A certified arborist in Columbia, Mo can trim your trees to perfection.

Tree wrapping prevents dead trees from freezing

Frosty weather can be particularly dangerous for newly planted trees or those that are young. Wrap the branches in polypropylene fabric and paper to protect them. To protect young trees from freezing temperatures, you can also cover them with a sheet or tarp. You need to be extra careful with fruit trees like winter berry trees. Although some species, such as the apple tree, are more adept at dealing with frost than others due to colder temperatures, they can still be stunted by lower temperatures.

Mulch should be placed around small trees to make your garden more attractive

Mulch is essential for the survival of your trees during winter. Mulch retains water and heat, and it can be used to insulate your trees. Mulch should be placed around the tree for three to five inches. Leave enough room around the base. It should extend at least two feet around the tree. Tree service Columbia sells all types of mulch, both organic and non-organic. We offer bark mulch, rubber mulch and pine straw mulch.

Water trees are regularly watered

The mid-Missouri winter is when trees dry out, so you will need to water them more often. Younger trees need to be watered every other week if there isn't any rain. You can water mature trees a bit longer, but they will need to be watered approximately once per month.

Dust Snow off the Branches

You will need to clean your branches of snow from Columbia, Mo when there is a snowstorm. Snow can cause them to become heavier and more damaged. It is best to brush off any ice that may be attached.

These five tips will ensure that your tree is able to withstand the cold and remain strong in spring. Robin's Tree Service promises to provide the best tree services in Columbia, Mo. From tree trimming to stump removal, we are there for you every step of your way. Contact us now to avoid being a stranger!

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