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Apr 19

Soon, the first day of winter will be here and Georgia will soon experience the chill. The leaves may have fallen off the outside, but the roots are working hard to maximize the spring potential. Finding the right Roswell tree service can be difficult and costly. We have some tips to help your trees get through winter. You can find affordable tree service in Roswell Ga here.

Why Trees Need Winter Protection

Trees and all plants are not able to adapt to changing climates. If you take proper winter care of your plants, they will be able to return the care they received in springtime when their blooms begin and the bright colors fill your yard. Your plants might not return if you don't take the necessary care in winter.

A tree must prepare for winter cold by beginning its preparations in the late summer, as the day length decreases. Cold acclimation is gradual and involves a variety of physiological changes in leaves and stems.

Winter is when trees go dormant. This means that nutrients and water don't make it to the canopy. Instead, the tree stores the nutrients it has in its roots. Scientists are amazed at how trees can survive winter. Frost damage is the biggest threat to trees during winter. Frost damage can be a serious problem for trees and property owners. However, it is not uncommon for trees to show remarkable resilience through winter. However, your tree will thrive year round if you take care of it.

Pruning is crucial

Pruning in winter is one of your most proactive actions. Pruning not only makes your trees stronger, but also allows you to help the plants around you reach their full potential. Pruning trees is a delicate task. Some trees that flower in spring can develop buds on their branches before winter arrives. Tree service by the owner

Pruning your trees can make a big difference in the health and well-being of your trees. Pruning your trees will not only help to protect them during winter, but it will also encourage spring blooms. Pruning your tree allows survival of the fittest. This means that only the strongest plants can survive the winter.

Pruning your tree will also reduce stress, especially as it ages. Removing some overgrown areas of your tree will help you store more nutrients elsewhere. Regular pruning will help to limit the spread and severity of diseases that can kill or severely damage your tree. You are helping to stop the spread tree-killing diseases such as fungus by cutting down dead tree growth. Find a tree-cutting service near you.

There are other steps you can take to keep your trees healthy this winter


Mulch is a great winter practice. The roots store all nutrients underground, as mentioned above. It reduces the oxygen content of the soil when it snows or rains in winter. Mulch adds an extra layer of protection to the root system and helps preserve the correct amount of oxygen.

Add an irrigation system

Dry winters can be caused by a lack of rainfall. A drip system around your trees will help ensure the right amount of nutrients and water is available to your soil.

Protect them

You can cover younger trees with a blanket to keep them cool during the hot summer. Like humans, plants emit heat. You can make a spring more successful by covering them with a towel or a sheet.

Tree Services

These tips are easy to do at home. However, it is best to leave other preventative measures to professionals. Tree services roswell ga experts have an educated eye that will ensure your trees are healthy and happy next spring. 1st Tree Service offers tree trimming, stump grinding, and removal at prices that are comparable to the rest. We can transform your yard into the garden of your dreams. Trees of Georgia has a license and insurance so that you can trust our work to be safe and high-quality.

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