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These are some winter tree care tips everybody should know and follow

Apr 11


Chicago and its suburbs are not immune to the consequences of winters that are freezing. When the snow begins to fall on your home or office, it's essential to keep an eye on the health of your trees. Trees can be stressed by the cold winter weather, and this can cause costly issues later on.

Our arborists from the Georgetown tree service are aware of the difficulties that Midwest winters bring and are able to aid you in making sure your landscaping or your yard is maintained properly. We can take care of all of your commercial and residential tree-related needs, such as tree pruning, tree removal, and trimming trees.


This blog will discuss how to maintain your trees during winter so that your trees are healthy this winter.


Tree Cold Stress

Did you know that trees can become stressed from the cold and frigid winter conditions? There are numerous forms of cold stress. It's usually brought on by a sudden change in temperature between nighttime high and daytime low. It is evident that the stress is on the bark and wood of the tree. Cracks can be due to frost.


Winter Drought

Some evergreen trees as well as some in Illinois are susceptible to drying out during the winter months. To be able for a tree to experience drought it must shed more water than it can absorb from the ground that is frozen. Conditions that are windy can also cause the situation.


Broken Branches

Broken tree branches could result from snow and hail and pose a safety risk for the family members and you. Winter can be a risky time for branches of trees, particularly for deciduous trees and trees that shed their leaves throughout the year. The trees of these types can be extremely brittle during the winter, however, with regular tree care from Tree Service, you can take a proactive approach to the dangers of winter.


Rodent Infestation

As winter gets closer, rodents, such as mice and rabbits will begin to search to find food. As food supplies become scarce this critter will be able to chew the bark of your trees, damaging them in the winter months when they are at their most vulnerable.


Structural Pruning

You might need to engage a professional tree service in Georgetown if you have trees that are young. This type of pruning involves the elimination of diseased branches, branch crossings, and much more. Although one branch with a diseased condition may not appear to be an important issue right away If you don't remove the branch on the tree, it will become larger and more infected with the disease as time passes.

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