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7 reasons why you should remove a rotting tree stump

Mar 26

7 reasons why you should remove a rotting tree stump

Do you believe that a dead stump from an arboriculture job is a reminder to gardeners of a job well-done? It's not.

A rotting tree stump can cause serious problems at the ground level.

This Tree Trimming San Antonio article outlines some of the dangers that tree stumps can pose after tree surgery.

1. Tree stumps present a risky physical problem for people as well as an insurance concern.

With just a little grass to camouflage, a tree stump can become a danger for pedestrians. A stump can cause serious injuries, such as falls or injury to the knees, and even insurance claims.

2. Tree stumps can damage garden machinery

Millions of lawnmowers end up being scrapped every year due to bent crankshafts. This happens when a mower blade hits a tree stump. There is usually only one winner.

3. Tree stumps make garden maintenance hard work

You will always need to spend more time mowing or weeding your garden if you have stumps.

For gardeners:

  • Disability
  • You are getting older
  • Something new in gardening?
  • It is important to have a happy family.
  • A garden is a must-have when you rent a property.

The Royal Horticultural Society encourages you to get rid of any fiddly spots, in order to save time and effort.

4. Tree stumps may produce new growth and soil nutrients.

New shoots do not appear one time. They keep coming back, and this can have an effect on the garden's aesthetics and soil quality.

Your soil may leach nutrients, which can lead to the death of your newly planted roses.

5. Property Damage & Value

The standard part of the most house selling and buying today is the garden survey. An inspector will examine foundations, walls, and pipework for signs of damage caused by root systems.

It is because tree stump removal can often be the best option, as there are many damages that can be done to trees before they run out of nutrients. Think carefully about the property value.

6. Space - Landscape gardening, tree stumps

Tree stumps can occupy valuable space in your garden that could be used for new purposes, such as:

  • A picnic table
  • New flower beds
  • Extended lawn

You can never have enough garden space. So make sure you are making the most of it.

7. Tree stumps may become homes for unwelcome Insects and fungi

The decaying wood from tree stumps can be a breeding ground for a variety of harmful fungi and other unhelpful pests and insects. Honey Fungus can become a pest by consuming the wood of tree stumps. It can spread its threads, or rhizomorphs, and attack and kill roots of perennial and other woody plants.



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