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Keep Trees Away from Your Home

Mar 13

Keep Trees Away from Your Home

Trees are the true treasures of any landscape. They are eye-catching and can shade your property from the sun. To ensure the safety of your family and property long-term, there are a few important things to consider when you maintain trees on the property.

No matter how wonderful trees may seem, large tree roots can cause structural damage if spread too close to your home. Tree roots can cause roof and exterior damage if they reach your home too closely. These, and many more problems can result from poorly planted trees. This can be avoided by following appropriate tree planting guidelines.

Poorly planted trees may cause structural damage to your home and can pose safety hazards for your family.

Trees can cause structural damages in many ways if they are not planted correctly. You should be aware that the following problems can occur:

  • The biggest threat to your property is large tree roots. Trees are modest giants. However, they require enough space to develop their massive roots. No matter how big your garden is, trees' roots will find ways under your soil to spread. This is often what leads to structural damage. Poorly-planted trees can damage sidewalks, driveways, and even the foundations of homes.
  • Roof damage and blocked gutters can be caused by poorly planted trees. If a tree's branches grow too close to your property, they can hang above your roofing system. Hanging branches can scratch your roof and cause erosion. If you don't remove dead branches or leaves from your tree, they will collect in your gutters and affect the drainage function.
  • Your home's exterior could be damaged by falling branches. As they grow, branches and twigs can scratch your paint and cause cosmetic damage to your exterior.
  • It is possible for your loved ones to be injured by fallen dead trees. Dead branches can fall at any time and cause danger for loved one's safety.

How far should a person plant a tree from their home?

How far away should trees remain from your home? These are the rules that you need to remember when planting trees. You can prevent a lot of potential damage by following these guidelines. You should plant trees at least 10-20 feet from the house. There are specific distances that a tree should be from your home.

  • Large trees should be planted 20 ft away from your home.
  • Medium trees at a height less than 70ft should be planted 15-feet away from your residence.
  • Place small trees 10 feet away.



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