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Four Reasons Why Your Property Might Need Stump Grinding Services

Mar 13

There are many reasons why you might need to take down a tree on your property. The stump that was left behind by the tree can be either removed completely or ground to a fine art, depending on the client's preference.

There are many reasons stump grinding services in Georgia can be used to remove stumps from your property.

1. The stumps can provide shelter for the pests.

Stumps can take time to decay and rot. Ants, termites and beetles that are attracted the wood will spread to your home. A high-priced pest management bill could result.

2. Your yard has stumps

Stumps can be ugly.

3. Stumps can pose a danger

Running on or walking on your lawn could result in a trip on a stump.

4. Stumping can be more painless than stump removal.

It can be difficult to remove the entire stump. Roots may become entangled with drain field pipes. Georgetown Tree Service employs a stump grinder machine to reduce the stump into a pile of wood chips. The wood chips can be used to mulch stump grinding, which is an environmentally-friendly option. The roots will stay in the ground, but eventually will decompose.

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