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Methods to Remove Tree Stumps

Feb 16

Methods to Remove Tree Stumps


Most likely you have had to take down one or more trees on your property. It doesn't really matter if the tree is dead or too large. Tree removal can be a tedious task. The stump is a reminder that you must take safety precautions to remove it and to cut it down.


Our experience with working with trees has taught us how unsightly old stumps can look when placed in a lovely setting. It's never too late to get rid of that stump you've been trying to eradicate. We are the Portland tree services specialists and are ready to help. These are the five methods for tree stump removal in Kansas City.


  • You have to dig it out

If the stump of a tree is small, you can simply remove it by digging it out. You can solve the problem with simple tools and lots of elbow grease, provided the roots don't reach too far.


Start by excavating the stump. The goal is to expose as many roots as possible, especially the more extensive ones. Once you have done that, you can begin to reduce the roots into smaller pieces. Root saws are recommended because you can have exact control over the areas you cut. A tool such as an ax can cause you to crack into unknown rocks. Once roots are loosening, you need to pull them out of the soil. The stump can be removed with a shovel or a hammer.


  • Using a Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is required if the stump's root system is too deep. These machines can be used in order to reduce stumps to their roots. These machines are easy to use even for the most stubborn customers. Some homeowners prefer to hire professionals, even though stump grinders can be rented. A stump grinder is able to be used to remove stumps regardless of whether the stump grinder was hired for personal use or rented by an expert tree surgeon.


Safety is your main priority when using heavy machinery. A stump grinder is not an exception. Before you start grinding, be sure to clear away any rocks or debris from the stump. Use the appropriate eye and ear protection as well as sturdy gloves and boots.


  • Burn it

You have other options if you feel that a stump crusher is not the best option. The use of fire to remove tree stumps poses many dangers. You should ensure you check the fire regulations and local laws to ensure it is safe and legal. If granted permission, you will be able to remove the stump quickly.


You can remove a stump by heating it. It is possible to place wood around the stump and then keep the fire burning. A stump will need to be burned for several hours. Also, ensure the fire is large and hot. As you continue to tend to the flame, eventually you'll be left with ash. It is simple to remove it and put it back with new soil.


  • Rot it Away

Most likely, you have already learned something in biology classes about how waste disposal tools work. These tools can also be used to remove stumps. The same tools can be used to remove stumps and rot that are part of the natural cycle. You can do it with some encouragement.


This will allow the microbial community to start to grow. For this purpose, drill holes 8 inches deep into the stump's top. Fill these holes with warm water and any nitrogen-rich materials of your choice. You can also get nitrogen from blood meal and your own compost.


The addition of nitrogen or water will speed up the decay process. It will be much easier to take out small parts of the stump as it decays. It is possible to remove the whole stump in a very short time and without any back-breaking work.


  • It can be chemically eliminated

There are many options to remove tree stumps. These can be used in the same manner as organically rotting a tree stump but can present risks if used incorrectly. If used properly, chemical stump removals can be very efficient in removing stumps.


First, drill holes into the stump. After you have made enough holes around your stump, apply your chemical removal agent. Once the chemical remover has acted, you'll need to soften it. You should be patient as it can take several weeks for the chemicals' effects to kick in so be patient. Contact Us Today for a schedule.



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