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Stump Grinding Georgetown

Jan 5
Georgetown, KY - Stump Grinding

A stump can make your landscape or yard look ugly. These stumps can cause problems in your yard and have little value. These stamps are more than just decorative. They can be dangerous for your children and pets if you have one. If you are already determined to remove the stump, you can call us to ask for Stump Grinding Georgetown.

How do you stump to grind?

Many people refer to stump grinding or stump removal as stump grinding. This is the process of removing stumps from yards using special equipment designed specifically for this purpose. This can be done with an excavator equipped with either an auger bit attachment or a grinder head attachment. These tools are capable of grinding away wood below ground and minimizing soil disturbance above ground. This allows grass to grow quickly around the stump's buried areas without leaving any evidence.

Georgetown, KY Stump Grinding

Small stumps less than 2 ft in height can be ground for $125

Georgetown, KY stump grinders cost around $300

For more information on the cost of your removal service, please contact us. We will provide you with a free quote and estimate.

Professional Stump Grinding in Georgetown, KY

Anyone can't do stump grinding on their own. This is a difficult job that requires heavy-duty equipment.