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Dec 23

Tree Removal in Oxford AL

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Reliable Tree Removal Anniston AL

Sawing tree into smaller pieces in Oxford, AL | Tree Removal | Elite Tree Service of Anniston

When Elite Tree Service of Anniston considers fully removing a tree, we keep the health and safety of your trees, your house, and your family in mind. Here are a few scenarios in which tree removal may be necessary:

Tree that has died

When a tree dies, it becomes brittle and feeble. It might topple with the slightest gust of wind or weight change from other trees nearby. There's no need to keep a dead tree in your yard. Dead trees are not only dangerous, but they are also unsightly, making your home appear untidy and aged. Rather than risking your family's safety and property by allowing a tree to fall at any moment, have Elite Tree Service of Anniston remove it.

Tree with a disease

If a tree has a few unhealthy branches, the rest of the tree may be saved by just removing the infected branches. If the disease or pests are allowed to spread, the tree may become infected and infect others nearby. In this instance, letting Elite Tree Service of Anniston remove the tree is the best option since it is the only way to ensure the safety of the other trees on your property.

Risk is decreasing.

When a tree is too close to something else, such as a fence, garage, home, business, pole barn, or other structure, it puts those items at risk if the tree falls. A tree can become lopsided as a result of uneven growth or improper pruning, making one side of the tree heavier than the other. If pruning it back into a regular form isn't possible, Elite Tree Service of Anniston can remove the tree to prevent future problems. 

Sawed logs in Anniston, AL | Tree Removal | Elite Tree Service of Anniston

Branches that dangle over the edge

Branches from a huge tree can also hang over significant structures such as your home, business, or driveway. These branches provide a constant risk of falling, but they can also bring other problems. Mold, for example, may develop on tree branch-covered surfaces, making them slippery and potentially harmful to you and your family. If overhanging branches have been causing you problems, tree removal by Elite Tree Service of Anniston is an excellent option.

Root system that is obtrusive

When a tree grows to be quite tall, you can be sure that it has a large root system supporting it. The roots will push up concrete, asphalt, and paver stones, as well as your well-kept lawn and water pipes. Allow Elite Tree Service of Anniston to remove any tree in your yard that has an out-of-control root system.


It's the wrong size or function for its location.

Unintentionally, people can select the incorrect size or kind of tree for a specific reason. A tree meant to improve your home's privacy may have been planted too close to a fence or grown too large to provide a sufficient barrier between your property and your neighbor's. The best answer is for Elite Tree Service of Anniston to remove the tree and replace it with a new one.

Only qualified experts should do tree removal. When it comes to chopping down a tree of any size, safety is paramount. It requires the appropriate expertise, training, and equipment to guarantee that the work is done correctly, so entrust your 
tree removal requirements to Elite Tree Service of Anniston!


We also have tree trimming services to help with those unruly limbs!