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Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Tree Care Service

Dec 18

Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Tree Care Service

Tree-care jobs can be too large and dangerous for some people or require expert knowledge to maintain the tree's health. My rule of thumb says that you should not attempt to operate on solid ground with your feet. You must be trained and safe to work at height due to the dangers of electrical wires, wildlife, surrounding buildings, fences, or residences. On the other hand, hiring a tree-service provider comes with its set risks.


These key questions will help you get the most value for your money and protect your interest. Ask your DC tree in Washington care professional these questions and ensure that you understand and accept their answers.


  • Is it possible to get a copy of their employment contract along with a current certificate of insurance? This is the most critical and important question you need to ask. To ensure you aren't held responsible for any damages, accidents, or injuries, make sure your employees have comprehensive insurance.


  • What qualifications do they possess? Hire an arborist who is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture or a Tree Care Industry Association, Accredited Business (TCIA), Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP). Do they need to be near electric conductors? If this is the case they'll need approval as Line-Clearance arborists.


  • Is it possible to provide a list with references? A good business will provide a list of satisfied clients. It's not necessary to have an extensive history. Ask about customers who worked with you in the last month.


  • They will provide you with a detailed estimate. Ask three similar companies for written estimates to help you compare prices and determine the scope of your task.


  • What equipment will they use and how would they approach this job? Large power equipment shouldn't drive over your lawn and flowerbeds. You should make sure that they are aware of any sprinkler heads, or other potentially dangerous objects if they're driving across your grass. Is it okay for them to damage anything? What is their policy? You should take photographs of the area before you start to work so that you have a record in the event of any problems. You should be clear with your contractor about the cleanup process, both before and after the job is completed.


  • What time will it take to complete the job? A quote is a great idea. A company might give you a three-day time frame, but another company might only provide you with a timeframe of three hours.


  • Is the business managed well? Is the company's truck in good condition and well maintained? Are they keeping the truck clean and in good shape? Is it possible to believe that they will look after your tree or property if their equipment is not in good condition? Do they have a website? Their professionalism can be reflected in the appearance of their vehicles and the content. This will give you an idea of their company's operations.


  • Do they climb trees using spikes when pruning? Do not allow them to use spikes unless you are planning on removing the tree.


  • Do they encourage "topping"? This is the removal of the olive branch from the tree's crown. This is especially true for large, healthy hardwoods. It's a bad practice and you should continue to look.


  • Do you expect your workers to wear hard helmets and protective gear on your property while they work? OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires tree-care workers to wear personal protective gear. Protective gear is a requirement for professional tree service workers.


It is crucial to hire a tree service specialist for potentially dangerous tasks. You can also protect your investment in trees by asking these 10 critical questions.

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