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Essential Backyard Maintenance Tips

Nov 28

How often do you spend time in your backyard? Probably not very often. But it’s worth the investment to make sure that when you do, it’s an enjoyable experience. It’s important to take care of your backyard so it’ll be there for years to come and continue to offer outdoor fun like barbecues, gardening, or even reading a book on a shaded bench.

Here are some basic backyard maintenance tips:

1) Make sure your backyard is safe by removing hazards such as old tires or anything else that may present a danger if stepped on.

2) Clear away any leaves from the walkways and decking before they have a chance to rot and cause a slip hazard.

3) Keep pets away from the perimeter of your backyard, so they don’t dig up all of your plants or ruin outdoor furniture with their nails by scratching them against it.

4) Check all decking for loose boards or screws, and replace any that are damaged.

5) To maintain a healthy lawn, fertilize your soil in the spring and fall, then fertilize it once a year with slow-release fertilizer to avoid scorching or overfeeding.

6) Trim tree branches that overhang your backyard with a pole pruner, so they won’t cause any damage to the home if they fall.

Tree Maintenance Tips

If you have trees in your backyard, it’s important to take care of them as well by performing regular maintenance tasks such as:

  • Pruning dead or diseased branches to reduce the risk of pests and diseases
  • Removing any fallen branches or other items that could pose a safety hazard if someone were to trip over them
  • Inspecting tree trunks for damage due to termites, carpenter ants, decay fungi, sun scald, etc.
  • You can protect your trees with mulch to keep the soil moist and discourage weed growth.

If you’re thinking about removing your backyard trees, you’ll need to hire a backyard tree service or remove them yourself.

Tree Removal Tips

If your backyard trees are beyond repair and their branches pose a safety risk, it’s time to consider removing them completely. To do this on your own:

  • Make sure the trunk of the tree will fit through any gates within 100 feet of the tree.
  • Mark where branches will fall, so they don’t hit anything valuable as your home or backyard shed.
  • Use a chainsaw to cut down parts of the trunk in sections that are too large for you to safely carry out by hand. If there is sap oozing from any part of it, use caution when cutting because it may be a sign of termites.
  • Use an axe to split the trunk in half, then use a rope and come-along hand winch to drag them away from the backyard.

If backyard maintenance is a little too much to handle on your own you can always hire professionals such as tree removal companies in Sydney. They’ll be able to take care of everything from removing trees that have died down because they were diseased, trimming trees that are overgrown, or even removing a tree if it has fallen down because of strong wind. You can check

Maintaining Healthy Grass

If you’d like to keep your backyard lawn looking healthy and green, there are some things that you can do:

Apply fertilizer in the spring and fall. When applying it, use a slow-release variety because quick release will burn or damage young grass. You’ll still need to feed your backyard grass once every six months with organic compost if you’re not using a slow-release fertilizer.

Keep backyard grass healthy by removing any thatch or dead blades of grass regularly. This is especially important after mowing to prevent clumping where it’s difficult for sunlight and water to reach the roots, which could lead to disease if left untreated.

Water your backyard grass at least once a day for an hour. If it’s extremely hot, water your lawn twice a day for half an hour at a time to prevent the roots from drying out and scorching due to heat exposure, which might lead to illness if left unchecked.


The time spent maintaining your outdoor living area is well worth the effort because you not only get a place that’s enjoyable for yourself, but others can enjoy time outside with their families too. The key principles are safety and sanitation, so make sure these tips help keep everyone happy during those warm summer days or cool autumn evenings by providing them shade from harsh sunlight when needed as well as cleaning up any potential hazards before they become serious problems downwind (or rain) drain.”