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Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming: Are they the same?

Nov 25

Tree Pruning vs Tree Trimming: What's the difference?

If you are a land, property, or homeowner that has a yard with trees, you would know that trees and shrubs do need regular care and maintenance. There are many ways to take care of your yards and gardens.  Pruning and Trimming are just a couple of methods used in landscaping. We have heard these terms being used a lot and interchangeably but are they truly the same?

Tree Pruning 

The philosophy of pruning is simple. Pruning is done to keep loose or dead branches from threatening other plants or humans. It protects other plants by removing crossovers that can damage nearby plants while it protects humans by taking out hazardous branches and increasing the height of the canopy for a clearer view of pedestrians and vehicles.  By removing these branches, the tree's blossoms and fruit can thrive. Pruning is not intended to impede growth, but rather to encourage it. Pruning is also done so that trees, shrubs, or plants can be shaped to increase their aesthetic value.

When is Pruning needed?

You would be surprised to know that tree pruning is not just done at any time of the year. There are the best seasons to prune your trees. According to the experts, the best time to prune your trees is from November to March or during the late winter season. This season is called a dormant season. During the dormant season, the trees' growth takes a halt, and leaves are shed so that their energy can be preserved for use during the Spring. If plants and trees are pruned during their peak season, their growth slows down and they are not able to get ample nourishment if their leaves are removed. It is important to remember that only small cuts should be made when pruning trees or shrubs because bigger cuts may leave your trees and plants more vulnerable to pests and disease. 

Equipment for Tree Pruning

  • Lopping Shears - used to prune branches that measure up to two inches in diameter
  • Hand Pruners - used to prune small branches 
  • Hedge Shears - used for shaping shrubs, plants
  • Pruning Saws - used for cutting larger branches 
  • Chain Saws - used for pruning larger branches, and for removing tree
  • Pole Pruners - used for inaccessible branches

Tree Trimming 

Tree Trimming is the process of removing dead or unnecessary branches and leaves to promote the tree or plant's growth and improve its appearance. By trimming the branches, you allow the plants and trees to receive the maximum amount of nutrients and water so that they can grow to their fullest. 

When is Trimming needed?

The frequency and season that trimming is performed highly depend on the kind of tree or plant itself. Unlike Tree Pruning, it is recommended that trees, plants, or shrubs are trimmed at least twice a year. If your plant or tree looks disheveled or shows a lot of overgrowths, it is most likely that trimming is urgently needed. This is why constant monitoring of your trees is vital in keeping your trees and plants healthy. 

Equipment used in Tree Trimming 

  • Pruners - used to trim smaller branches 
  • Chainsaws - used to remove tree branches, trim larger branches
  • Trimmers or Clippers - used for clipping smaller branches, either electric or gas-powered
  • Pole Saws - used for hard to reach branches

Which is better?

Pruning and trimming both have advantages. Knowing when to prune and when to trim a tree is the greatest way to have a healthy garden and yard. Although both entail cutting the branches, leaves, and other parts of a plant, knowing which sort of tools to use for each approach is beneficial. You must also know how much to trim or prune a tree, otherwise, you risk cutting healthy areas and stunting its growth. If you cannot do these on your own, the best way is to call the nearest tree service company in Melbourne.