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What is SOD?

Nov 9

If your lawn is in serious trouble or full of weeds, it's time to start over. You have three choices: reseed your grass, lay sod, or hire However, this will take you longer to get the green lawn that you want.

What's sod?

A farm that farms your sod the day it arrives can make it affordable. It can be tedious and time-consuming to lay sod correctly if you don't know-how. Competent people with a good knowledge of the process can lay sod within 24 hours after harvesting. There shouldn't be any problems with survival as long as there is no other vegetation.

How do you install sod?

Remove the Old Grass

Remove any soil or grass before you lay the sod. Your yard will thrive if it has at least one inch of soil. A sod cutter is basically two rectangular frames with sharp blades on one end. The sod cutter cuts through roots and leaves behind dirt at the cutting point. This is the same way that rolls are delivered to farmhouses.

Prepare for the Soil

Soil preparation is key to a successful sod installation in Phoenix. You can use a garden rake (also known as a bow-rake) to level the soil and break down large pieces of dirt. This will make it easier to plant new roots. Add layers of lawn soil on top to help your roots bond quickly with their native plants. You should not place them over existing grasses, as this could lead to their death.

Use the sod

Make sure you first water the soil with a hose or sprinkler before you start laying sod. Next, remove any footprints from the previous layer of sod. Roll it along the longest edge without landscaping or concrete. The next piece can be removed from any footprints. Then roll another roll onto the pieces, making sure that there are no gaps.

Trim Your Edges

The lying sod rolls are nearly done. You might find that some edges are uneven. Don't worry! Don't worry! Don't worry! Simply fold the grass back and use sharp scissors to trim it down. Make sure to smoothen any spaces between the soil and the grassy edges.

Don't forget to drink water

The newly laid sod should be watered twice daily for two to six weeks. Next, check the soil around the grass to make sure it is not muddy.