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Why It’s Necessary to Remove Tree Stumps from Your Property

Oct 29

It’s undeniable: trees add natural beauty to a home and can also increase property value. Trees also provide a great way to get some shade from the sun. While trees are beautiful, they can become dangerous when they die or become damaged, and the stumps they leave behind can cause problems too.


The easy part is when it’s time for the tree to be removed. Just call a tree service company, and they’ll remove the tree with no problem. But, there’s just one problem: what to do with the stump that remains? Not only is it an aesthetics issue and an eyesore, but it can also actually pose a safety hazard. That's why it's important to call arborist professionals that can help quickly and safely remove the stump with no problem. The best option is to call the experts at Chilliwack Tree Services. They have the skills and expertise to remove any tree stump, which will help keep your property looking great and completely safe for your family, too.


Why is something that looks as harmless as a tree stump so dangerous? Here are some of the reasons why a tree stump is so dangerous, and some different ways to remove it. However, the best way is to call a professional that has the experience to handle the job safely.


Why Tree Stumps Should Be Removed Immediately


1. Tree Stumps Are a Safety Hazard


It may not seem like it, but tree stumps are actually a safety hazard. Since the roots are still in the ground, if any are sticking up there is the potential for kids to trip and stumble over them. Even adults could be at risk for doing this, especially if they aren’t paying attention.


Not to mention, what happens if a neighbor or someone else’s kid trips on a leftover stump and gets hurt? It’s actually a huge liability issue. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle of a lawsuit over something as simple as a tree stump in the yard.


2. Reduces Overall Property Value


Having dead tree stumps also reduces overall property value. The fact is, dead tree stumps are an eyesore that makes your property look messy. One option is to upcycle a tree stump, and there are tons of options available online you could try. For example, one popular option is to turn an old hollow stump into a space for growing flowers. While that’s all good and well, it still leaves an unsightly stump in the yard, flowers or not.


3. Invites Pests and Disease into the Yard


A dead tree stump is a calling card for all sorts of pests and insects which carry diseases that could harm the other living vegetation around the stump. Some of these pests include termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects, which require wood to live or nest. The bugs can then spread to other living trees or shrubs, even nest in your home, causing structural damage. Fungi are another problem that could also cause problems to a house, even children or pets. Contact a professional tree service company like Chilliwack Tree Services, which can safely get rid of the stump before it poses a safety hazard.


4. It Takes Up Space in the Yard


Tree stumps also take up a ton of valuable space in the yard. It even makes it more difficult to do things like gardening chores and mowing. Getting rid of a tree stump means there’s more room for something like a picnic table, a playset for your kids to play on, or just free space.


5. It Can Damage Your Property


Did you know that even after a tree has been removed, the roots attached to the stump can still grow? This can cause major problems if the roots continue to grow and then break through an underground water pipe, or even worse, a sewer pipe. By the time the pipes crack and burst, the damage is already done. Then, it's going to cost a ton of money to not only remove the offending stump but also pay for a new sewer or water line.


6. Dead Stumps Can Grow New Trees


Dead tree stumps are never entirely dead - they can still grow new shoots, which are not only an eyesore but a pain to remove, especially if the roots have already solidified in the soil. The only way to avoid this problem is to remove a tree stump entirely.


How to Remove Tree Stumps


As you can see, there are many reasons to remove a dead tree stump from your yard. Unless you have experience, it’s not a good idea to remove a tree stump yourself, although there are ways to do so. The best option is to call Chilliwack Tree Services, and they can safely remove any dead stumps that are marring your yard. However, if you have to remove a tree stump yourself, there are a few different ways to do it.


1. Dig it Out of the Ground


The first method is to use a tool called a mattock (basically, a pickaxe with a chisel on the end) and dig the stump out of the ground. Make sure to dig until the root system is exposed, and then use a root saw to chop up the roots into manageable pieces. Then, use a shovel or hoe to get rid of the remaining roots. Clear away the majority of the root system. After that, the stump should be easy to remove. Fill in the hole with dirt or loam to prevent it from collapsing and creating a hole.


2. Burn the Stump Away


One method is to burn the stump to remove it, but this may not be legal in all states. Check local regulations or call the local fire department first before starting a fire. Please, use extreme caution with this method. Pile some dry wood on top and then start the fire until the stump is burned to the ground. Fill in the hole with dirt or loam as it continues to sink in the next few weeks.


3. Tree Stump Grinding


This is by far the most effective method for removal. Chilliwack Tree Services can safely and quickly grind any trees stump. Essentially, a grinding machine does just that: grinds up the stump and roots quickly so they can be easily removed. Usually, it grinds up stumps to about a foot below the ground.


Get Rid of Tree Stumps Quickly


Remember, the key to removing tree stumps is the proper technique and safety. That’s why it’s important to call professionals, like the ones at Chilliwack Tree Services. They have experienced professionals, affordable rates, and quality services, too. Call them today to book a tree or stump removal and keep your property safe.

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