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Find Out If You Really Need a Tree Service

Oct 27

If one or more of your trees are dead, hazardous, or decaying, you’ll have to remove them sooner or later. But the question remains- do you need a tree service to do the job?

While it’s true that doing the tree removal with a proper tree service company is the smartest and logical way, but there’s a slight problem. Not everyone can affordable them. The tree service cost generally depends on the size of the tree and the effort required to remove it.

So, if you can affordable it when it comes to removing your tree, you should first make sure if you need the help of a tree service. Because in many cases, the tree doesn’t need removal, or sometimes you can do it yourself,if it's not too big! Let's find out if your tree actually does need official help or not!

Get Your Tree Examined by an tree service company.

It's always better to get a professional opinion on your tree because it might seem like your tree is dying, but in reality, all it needed was a little care from you!

So, the first thing you should do is make an appointment with a certified arborist. A professional can take a few looks at your tree and pass the final judgment- but you should wait until that.

Judging by the condition of your tree, you might be able to save it by removing a few branches, applying disease/insect treatment, or providing nutrition.

So, unless the tree is showing clear signs of decaying and nearing death- you should contact a professional arborist and take his/her advice. That might save you a lot of money.

Try to Schedule the  Tree Removal in the Off-season

Now, if your arborist has declared that the tree is beyond saving and needs to be removed, you should make sure if the removal needs to be done right away or it can wait.

This is important because, in peak tree removal seasons like summer or spring, both individual arborists and tree services are very busy and will charge you a lot. So, if you don’t have to do it right away, then wait for off-seasons when the arborists are free and can do the job at a lower cost.

Check If You Can Do It Yourself

Many people think that cutting down trees is a very difficult task and only professionals can do it properly. While that is partially true, you too can do parts of an arborist's job, like doing the cleanup and woodcutting all by yourself.

While they require adequate equipment, if you’re lucky to have them at home- just go for it!

That being said, this can be a dangerous job, so be careful and always consult your arborist or tree service company before taking any part in the removal process- even if it's something as simple as wood cleaning.

Take Regular Advice from Certified Arborists

Prevention is better than cure, after all, so if you really want to save up some money, maybe take good care of your trees so that they don't decay! You don't have to hire an arborist just to take care of it; that would be more expensive. But what you can do- is take suggestions from a certified one from time to time.

Regular pruning, trimming, soil care, and periodic assessments will make sure your tree lives a healthy life. The point to note here is- regular supervision actually costs a lot less than appointing a tree service to chop down your trees!

Final Words

So, this was our take on tree service and if you actually need them or not. Seeking a professional opinion is the key- so make the most out of it!

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