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How Much For Tree Removal in Burnaby, BC?

Oct 4

Trees provide numerous benefits, but there are times when a tree needs to be removed. It may become hazardous, be likely to fall due to disease or death, be in the way of construction, or otherwise be undesirable where it is currently located. When a tree does need to be removed, professional assistance is crucial to prevent injuries and damages. The biggest concern for many homeowners is how much the removal will cost. The following is more information about the cost of tree removal in Burnaby and what to expect if you need to have a tree removed.

Tree Removal Process

The basic tree removal process includes felling the tree, then hauling away the wood. Considerations may be needed for trees that are starting to lean, that are close to hazards like power lines or buildings, or that have other issues. An expert will be able to look at the tree to determine if any special measures are needed before the tree can be removed. Then, they’ll carefully remove the tree to prevent any injuries or damages. Once the tree has been taken down, it can be cut into smaller pieces and removed from the property. Some homeowners may wish to have the wood left at the home to use for woodworking or firewood. Once the tree is removed, all that is left is the stump, which can be left in place or removed at any time.

Safety Considerations for Tree Removal

Tree removals should always be done by a professional. This is well worth the cost due to the potential risks. Some of the risks with any tree removal include the following.

  • Tree Falling an Unexpected Way – The tree may not fall as planned when a homeowner tries to remove it on their own. If this happens, the tree can damage buildings, vehicles, and anything else that might be where it falls.
  • Injuries Falling From Ladder – When cutting the tree into sections to remove it or to remove branches before taking down the tree, a ladder is needed. It’s possible to fall off the ladder, resulting in serious or life-threatening injuries.
  • Injuries From How the Tree Falls – Trees do not always fall the way they’re expected to fall. If this happens, it’s possible for the person cutting down the tree to be seriously injured.
  • Injuries From Falling Branches or Debris – Branches and debris may fall while the tree is being taken down. Depending on the size, anything that falls can cause damages or injuries.
  • Hazardous Situations – If a tree falls in an unexpected direction, it could hit power lines. This creates a risk of fire and electrocution. Other hazardous situations can occur, as well, depending on where the tree is located and how it falls.

Types of Trees Commonly Removed

In Burnaby, homeowners can have a wide range of trees on their property. In fact, the city itself has many different native and non-native trees and strives to keep as many trees as possible in the city to improve its look and for other benefits. For coniferous trees, common varieties include cedar, fir, pine, and hemlock. These are the types of trees that use cones to spread seeds and are commonly green throughout the year. Other trees are deciduous, meaning they use flowers to spread seeds and the leaves will change colors and fall off during the fall. Common types of deciduous trees in the area include alder, oak, and cottonwood. The cost for removing a tree does not vary based on the type of tree and averages around $400 to $4,000.

How the Charge is Determined

Tree removal experts will determine the cost of removing a tree based on a number of factors, not just the size or location of the tree. Experts like Burnaby Tree Surgeons will charge per hour, so more complex projects will generally take longer, even if the tree is smaller. More complex projects include multiple trees being removed at the same time or the removal of trees that are close to hazards and, therefore, more difficult to reach. The cost to remove the tree from the property is included in the quote received, so that is not added to the total.

Getting a Quote for Tree Removal

The best way to determine how much it will cost to remove a tree is to get a quote. Tree removal experts will take a look at the tree and its location, then provide a quote for how much the removal will cost. It is important to understand what the quote includes, so there’s no worry about extra costs later. The quote should include the cost of felling the tree as well as the cost to remove the wood. If the homeowner would like extra services or has any questions about the quote and what the price includes, they can speak with the expert before having the tree removed.

Average Cost for Removing a Tree

Homeowners can get an idea of how much their project may cost before they receive a quote. On average, the price for cutting down and removing a tree will cost between $400 and $4,000. Most homeowners will pay around $1,700 to have a tree removed from their property, though smaller trees can be less expensive to remove if they are easy to access. Extreme or highly complex projects may reach or exceed $4,000. The average cost is for the removal of a single tree, so the cost will increase with each additional tree that needs to be removed.

Removing Small to Medium Trees

Small to medium trees are generally less expensive to remove because they are smaller and the removal process can be done faster. Small to medium trees include trees that are under 60 feet tall. For these trees, the average cost to remove can range from $400 to $3,000. Trees that are small, but close to hazards or other obstacles are going to be more costly to remove. A small tree that’s in the middle of an open yard is easy to access and faster to remove, so the cost will be on the lower end of the range.

Removing Larger Trees

Larger trees take significantly longer to remove, so they’re going to be more expensive. Homeowners who want to remove a tree that’s 60 feet tall or taller can expect to pay $3,000 or more. The most complex projects can exceed $4,000 per tree for taller trees, depending on the situation. A quote is needed for larger trees that may be more difficult to remove due to their location or height, as the cost can increase significantly for the most extreme tree removal projects. Homeowners can get a quote now to find out how much the removal of the tree will cost so they can start budgeting for the expense, if necessary.

What Can Make the Cost Increase?

Since the cost for tree removal is based on an hourly amount, anything that makes the project more complex will increase the cost. If a tree is located directly next to a home, it’s going to be more difficult to remove without causing damage to the home. If the tree is located near a power line, it can be more dangerous to remove, so the removal will need to be done more carefully and slower. When an expert arrives for a quote, they can explain how long the project will take to complete, why it will take that amount of time, and whether that increases the cost that the homeowner is quoted.

Additional Services

Homeowners may want to take advantage of extra services if they need to have a tree removed from their property. Those who use a wood-burning furnace, stove, or fireplace during the winter may want to have the wood split so it can dry out properly and be ready to use. Wood splitting typically costs around $300 to $800 depending on how much wood needs to be split and how long it will take to complete.

Another option for homeowners is to have an already fallen tree removed from the property. If a tree falls because of the weather or because it dies, it will need to be removed from the property. Depending on where the tree has fallen, the average cost just for the removal of a tree is between $500 and $2,000. Higher costs are generally associated with removing larger trees or removing trees that have caused damage. If the tree has fallen on a building, for example, it is going to cost more to remove because care needs to be taken to prevent further damage during the removal.

Are Permits Needed?

Burnaby’s Tree Bylaw lists the situations when a permit may or may not be required, even if they are removed from private properties. The issuance of a permit depends on a number of factors. As long as the tree qualifies, a permit will be issued and the tree can then be removed. If a tree is considered a protected tree, it can only be removed under certain circumstances. Tree removal experts can advise homeowners on whether it will be possible to obtain a permit to have a tree removed.

It is important to note that there are conditions on the removal of trees in Burnaby. If a tree is removed from a property, new trees will need to be planted. The number of trees that must be planted depends on the size of the tree that was removed. Trees planted as a replacement for a removed tree need to qualify, but there is a list of replacement trees available for homeowners to review before making a decision.


FAQs About Tree Removals

Homeowners often have questions before having a tree removed. While the experts are available to answer any questions, some of the most common ones that are asked include the following.

  • How Do I Know if a Tree Can be Removed? If the tree qualifies for a removal permit, it can be removed. There are numerous reasons why a tree can be removed, and a few situations where it is not possible to remove a tree from the yard.
  • Can I Remove a Tree Without Expert Assistance? It is not recommended for anyone to remove a tree on their own. Doing so is dangerous and the person can risk injuries as well as significant damages to the surrounding property.
  • What If I Want to Remove a Tree Without a Permit? Tree removal experts will not remove a tree without the proper permit. There are risks of removing a tree without obtaining a permit beforehand.
  • How Do I Know Which Tree to Plant After the Removal? The city of Burnaby provides a list of trees that are acceptable to plant as replacements for any trees that are removed.
  • Is There a Way to Avoid Planting a New Tree? It is possible to make a donation to the Civic Tree Reserve Fund. The amount of the donation may vary based on the number of trees removed and their size.
  • Is There a Way to Reduce the Cost of Tree Removal? The cost is related to the amount of time it takes to remove the tree, so there usually isn’t a way to reduce the cost. Still, this is something to discuss when obtaining a quote.
  • Are There Hidden Fees to Worry About? Experts will provide a complete quote, so there aren’t any hidden fees or surprises to worry about. If there are any changes to the cost of the tree removal, the expert will discuss this before the removal is done.

When a tree does need to be removed, expert assistance is always advised. At Burnaby Tree Surgeons, we work hard to make sure you can get any tree on your property removed at an affordable cost. We can provide a quote if you’d like to see how much it will cost to have the tree removed or answer any questions you might have about the tree removal process. If you’re ready to learn more or you’d like to get a quote now, contact Burnaby Tree Surgeons in Burnaby, BC right away.

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