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How to Remove a Tree Without Killing it?

Jul 8

This is probably one of the questions you have in mind when you try to redesign the landscape of your home or, for any reason, you are left without a choice but to cut a tree. How to remove a tree without killing it. We all know that trees play an enormous role in making the world a better place and we are encouraged to plant as many trees as we can. So it might not seem like a good idea for some to remove one, particularly when I have the option to move it somewhere else.


The good news is that you can actually remove a tree by moving it to a new area and still keep it alive. This has been done many times successfully, but it is always recommended to call a tree contractor for help to ensure that the work is done correctly. The tree can be re-planted in a new area if successful, where it can continue to grow and stay healthy.


Tips for Tree Removal and Replanting

How to remove a tree without killing it FLU Daytona Beach It is possible to remove a tree without killing it, but this must be done with caution and utmost care. The best option is to call a tree builder for assistance. Here are some tips on how a tree can be removed without killing it:


First, identify potential root problems: Roots keep trees alive, so all the effort to remove a tree to replant it somewhere else will go to waste when you cut them incorrectly. First, a tree contractor will check how large or how deep the roots have grown beneath or above the soil. Upon maturation or due to soil erosion, tree roots are exposed above the ground. Under a home's foundation, some tree roots can extend. First, the tree contractor will check the situation and identify the best way to get as many roots as possible.


Do not remove more than 25 percent of the root system of the tree as this can affect the health of the tree or kill the whole tree: aim to get as many roots as possible.


Do not cut roots too close to the trunk: The general rule is that roots must be cut the farthest from the trunk as possible to prevent severe damage.


During springtime, avoid uprooting a tree: Spring is not a good time for Atlanta tree trimming or tree pruning, as it can affect the health of your tree. That is why, during this season, you are also discouraged from cutting or pruning tree roots.


When transporting a tree, keep branches together: Use garden twine to get a tree's branches together and wrap around the tree as much as you can. This will protect the tree when it is transported to a new place. Uprooting when the branches are not in the way is also easier.


Contact a Tree Removal Contractor in Atlanta GA

It is always best to call a tree removal contractor in Atlanta to help out when you need to remove a tree without killing it. SmartLiving has an extensively trained and fully equipped crew team that will help you successfully and safely remove a tree. In addition to tree removal, such as tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal, and more. For a complimentary quote, call (888) 758-9103.